How to draw backgrounds bundle

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How to draw backgrounds bundle

Mitch Leeuwe
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Learn how to draw backgrounds with these ebooks and videos.

I share everything I know about how to draw backgrounds in these ebooks (hundreds of pages) and videos (more than 19 hours). Drawing backgrounds is an excellent tool for every artist, and it's something that can be used in many different productions. Ranging from concept art, games, movies, commercials, or drawing comics.

1. How to start background design:

This Ebook and 5 hours of video content is made to start for people starting from scratch. Explaining basics of different aspects of creating backgrounds, like perspective, composition, design, and more.

2. How to draw perspective:

Perspective is essential for every artist. I will explain perspective basics, 1,2,3 -point perspective, perspective tricks, how to draw characters in perspective, isometric perspective, and more.

3. How to create a storyboard:

Everything I know about composition and storytelling. Even when you don't want to get into storyboarding, it's still very useful to learn about this and essential for drawing backgrounds. These principles are useful for anyone who want to learn to use storytelling, composition, and layout. Anyone who wants to work on movies, shows, commercials, comics, games, and more.

4. How to draw vehicles:

When drawing environments there is often an object or vehicle to draw. In this ebook and video, I share how I draw vehicles. Great to practice drawing perspective, and good to practice before moving to full environments. Essential when you want to become an environment artist.

5. How to draw environments:

I show how you can draw different environments, interiors, exteriors, forests, trees, clouds, props, buildings, plants, and much more.

All these courses are suitable for both beginners and even more experienced artists. Because in every course, I start with the basics and go more in-depth along the way.

6. How to draw props:

Props are all the objects a character interacts with. It could be a glass of water, a couch, a desk, a computer, or something else. These props need to be designed in a production like an animation movie, games, or commercials.

I use photoshop in these lessons. But you could also follow along with pencil and paper, procreate or any other app. Since I'm focussing on drawing principles.

PDF ebooks with mp4 videos

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