The complete Ebook & Video bundle - All time acces

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The complete Ebook & Video bundle - All time acces

Mitch Leeuwe
41 ratings

All the content in one bundle with a discount! 25 tutorial ebooks + 10 sketchEbooks + 84 hours video content + all my brushes + future content updates! Everything is ordered in a clear structure with folders to help you guide in the right order through the content:

-Introduction to character design

-Sketchbook v9, plus how to start drawing on paper

-How to start drawing, to help you get started!

-How to use photoshop, procreate and draw in your sketchbook for beginners

-How to draw sea creatures

-How to draw stylized characters Ebook & video

-How to draw vehicles Ebook & video

-How to draw props Ebook & video

-How to draw clothing Ebook & video

-How to draw animal characters Ebook & video

-How to draw monsters Ebook & video

-How to draw anthropomorphic characters Ebook & video

-How to draw birds

-How to start background design

-The backgrounds bundle including:

Backgrounds: How to draw environments/backgrounds

Backgrounds: How to draw storyboard Ebook & video

Backgrounds: How to draw perspective Ebook & video

-How to paint Ebook & video (+brushes and drawings to paint)

-How to paint Backgrounds Ebook & Video

-My brushes (photoshop) + video explaining about it

-How to draw heads Ebook & video

-How to draw hair Ebook & video

-How to draw poses Ebook & video

-How to draw expressions Ebook & video

-The anatomy bundle including:

Anatomy: how to draw the feet, legs, pelvis & body Ebook & video

Anatomy: how to draw the hands, torso, & feet Ebook & video

Anatomy: how to draw heads Ebook & video

-How to draw characters Ebook & video

-How to create a portfolio Ebook & video

-SketchEbooks (9 versions) + video

-How to draw cats

-How to draw dogs

-How to draw kids

The bundle is suited for beginners to more experienced artists. Because all ebooks start with the basics and get more in-depth further. When you get the bundle you can follow the order of all the ebooks & videos appointed. You can follow these courses with any software or even just using traditional materials like pencil and paper. Everything is in English but everything is explained visually and is explained in plain/easy/basic English. All files are also ordered in a suggested order to learn from (from easy to harder). You can either download all the files or access it through the gumroad app or site.

All the ebooks are PDF and videos are MP4, please read the separate store items for more detailed information.

*This bundle is including future ebooks. I'm continuously working on new Ebooks and content, and will add it to this bundle the moment when it's released. So expect many updates with new Ebooks, videos and more!

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