How to start with background design Ebook & video

Mitch Leeuwe
7 ratings

Ebook full of tutorials (54 pages) and 5 hours of video content on how to draw backgrounds. In this eBook and video, I show how to draw backgrounds, the basics of perspective, and more to get you started with drawing backgrounds to get you started. Especially aimed at people who are just starting out or want to refresh their knowledge.


Ebook and video starting from scratch, beginner tips, perspective, different views, designs, shapes, composition, isometric drawing, and much more.

I made the videos in photoshop, but you could use anything (procreate, sketchbook) because I'm focussing on teaching drawing principles. You can use these principles with any tool you like. Even on paper!

The Ebook is a digital PDF file with 54 pages (29 double pages/spreads in PDF).

The videos are MP4 (7 of them)

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